Potty Training Your Dog Has Unexpected Benefits

June 4, 2009

This is a cool article that is as much or more about getting into and fixing good relationships with people as it is for training your dog.

By Renee Pullman

Does an unexpected surprise from your dog show up at the most inopportune time? It can be a challenge to potty train dogs but the relief, satisfaction, and new connection with your dog will make it all worth it.

Now this part is strange but you will also find that the skills you learn to properly train your dog carry over to your relationships, your children, co-workers, and anyone you come in contact with. As you potty train your dog you will learn positive reinforcement and you will learn to be persistent, patient, and consistent. Your dog will come to understand that the rules are always the same and she will appreciate that you let her know when she does something right. Same thing goes for your kids, your spouse, and everyone else. It simplifies life for them, everyone is happier.

But back to potty training dog, if your dog is older you will probably have to reverse some old habits. You need to become aware of what your dog does before relieving herself. You have to do your homework and watch for the patterns and signals. When you see the signals take the dog outside or to the place she should use. When your dog uses the new place praise and reward her, it is that simple. Of course puppy potty training is a little easier since there is no behavior to unlearn.

At marine aquariums they train killer whales with similar methods, it’s noticing the animal doing something right and rewarding it. This works for all intelligent animals and as stated it works for people. As you work with your dog you will find the techniques begin to become second nature to you. One day I noticed I had begun treating people that way. If you think about it – it is not a bad thing to do. Never yell at the kids but show them and encourage them to do the right thing. When they do the right thing you tell them how good they are. It’s awesome what you can learn when you learn the right way to potty train dogs.

Potty training your dog need not be a dreaded process. If done correctly you and the dog will enjoy it and it will bring unexpected benefits to all of your relationships.

Renee Pullman has been a dog lover for many years, recently adopting a new puppy. Renee found potty training dog online videos and it has changed her thinking about dogs and relationships.