Build Car Sales With Internet Marketing, Car Dealerships Benefit From Search And Reputation

By Michael Griffin

A New Way Of Automobile Shopping

The way to shop for a new car in the internet age is to go online and search for “your model reviews”. Then you can compare and make sure it is good for you. After that search for “dealer name reviews,” and you can determine if the dealer you are considering is worthy of your business, if they are honorable people.

If you are a dealer you must become aware of these ways of shopping for a car. Most people will put in a total of 10 hours of shopping to buy a car and part of this is online. A bad review will turn them from your door to another dealer. This means that not only do you need to be found but also that your reputation must be very good.

The Importance of Car Dealer Reputation

Recent changes in Google have highlighted reputation. Your reputation is laid bare for all to see so you want to be sure that it is good. If it is then the internet can be one of your best ways to get customers but woe unto you if it is bad. Happily though there are ways to reverse the situation if you do have bad reviews online whether from your competition, disgruntled employees, or from customers having a bad day.

Of course it is impossible to get Google or any other search engine to remove legitimate reviews but you can push them down by doing things that encourage good reviews. These good reviews will blend with the bad reviews and push them off the first page and into oblivion.

Get Your Dealership To The Top Of Google Search

After your reviews are under control you want to be sure that you are found by someone searching. It does no good to be found as long as there are bad reviews as it has the effect of driving people away from your dealership. But with reviews under control you will find that Google+ is the most powerful way to generate traffic to your website and hence customers. You can benefit by using Google+, social media, local directories, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter in a unified way to bring you customers.

When someone in your area does a search, you want to be in the top two or three dealers that come up and you want a shining reputation. The search results will get you attention but your reputation is the primary factor in getting sales. Both are important in their own way and you need them working together to bring you customers.

Ensure that you are found on the internet. Local search can insure sales for your dealership. Click the link or visit

Article Source:,-Car-Dealerships-Benefit-From-Search-And-Reputation&id=7530822

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