End Panic Attacks – Natural Methods to Treat, Control and Cure Panic Attacks

January 25, 2010

By Renee Pullman

If you suffer panic attacks then you understand that most other people can’t understand at all what you are going through. These attacks are destructive because your life shuts down as your fear increases not only for the things that trigger the attacks but also for the attacks themselves.

Panic attacks feed themselves – symptoms from heart palpitations, to difficulty breathing, to extreme terror happen in the course of the attack. They come at unexpected times, times that are impossible to predict and after they begin, they start they escalate. Most sufferers don’t have the tools to really stop a panic attack and they try to fight it while it runs and hope that it ends soon.

Did you know there are ways to end panic attacks for good, ways that don’t require medication and troublesome long term treatments? You can learn the cycles of panic and how to end the fear.

Ending panic attacks begins with finding out what triggers them. It can be situational like going to a stressful job or getting on a plane. It could even be triggered by what you are eating, side effects of medicine, or a random thought. These triggers begin the attacks and the sufferer begins to go out of control, not feeling safe. As the attacks continue the sufferer begins to live in fear of the attacks. Ending the attacks becomes an important objective because the attacks can destroy your life.

High anxiety and stress trigger the attacks. Once you begin to understand these triggers, the stresses, the fears, you can begin to treat the attacks. There are several approaches to ending the attacks, some choose medication, there are self-help treatments, and there is doing nothing.

Medication has it’s own issues. The side effects are sometimes severe and often you have to go through an experimental process as your doctor begins trying one medication after another in order to find something that may help you. The operative words are “may help you.” There are no guarantees in this treatment.

Doing nothing will usually consign you to a lifetime of suffering. It may even keep you locked in at home like some kind of urban hermit as you privately suffer at home – lonely and scared.

If you choose self-help to end panic attacks then you can come out of this viscous cycle and not have to take pills everyday, pills that dull the senses. You don’t have to have that and you can be OK everyday. Once this self-help way of ending attacks begins to work it will keep working for the rest of your life. You can end panic attacks without drugs.

I invite you to learn more about a panic-anxiety cure and how to end panic attacks (it is not always the logical process that we expect).

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