Do You Have Hemorrhoids and Rectal Discomfort? A Hemorrhoids Home Cure Can Bring Fast Relief

May 12, 2010
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By Renee Pullman

It can cost you years of suffering from hemorrhoids if you try treat them with the various hemorrhoid creams that are on the market. There are different products and they don’t all work for everyone and when they do it is not usually a permanent cure. These creams only address symptoms and not what your body is missing. As a result many people are trying home remedies, a hemorrhoids home cure.

One of the big advantages of hemorrhoids home cure is it is done in your home using inexpensive items that you probably already have. This kind of home cure can also have beneficial effects on the health of your entire body as part of the treatment means improving nutrition.

For the most part, hemorrhoids are caused by too much pressure on the anal wall and the blood vessels and veins that surround the anal-rectal area. This pressure causes the vessels to bubble up like balloons, to swell, and to rupture. This is a painful condition and if severe it can mean constant pain.

To get some quick relief sit in a warm (as warm as you can stand) shallow bath of saltwater or better yet a warm bath of Epsom Salts. The bath should be shallow so as not to dilute the cup or two of salts that you add. Sit with your knees up in such away as to open the anal area to the warm water. Be sure to lean back a little to avoid pressure on the area. When finished be sure the area is dry and apply some Witch Hazel (from any drug store) to help shrink the hemorrhoids.

Diet is the next part of the hemorrhoids home cure equation. The modern diet is striped of fiber and nutrients. Get fiber rich fruits and vegetables into your diet, get processed and convenience foods out. You need the fiber to keep your stools soft and avoid constipation. Hard stools where you have to strain and constipation put a lot of pressure on the area and intensify the problem.

If you are overweight this also causes hemorrhoids because of the extra pressure. This kind of fiber rich diet can take your weight down without the need to starve yourself. Add bran, bananas, apples, papaya, and many other fruits and vegetables that have high fiber and that taste good.

A hemorrhoids home cure is one of the best things you can do for yourself. The fiber rich diet will do wonders for your health and for the health of those who share your table and you will get rid of your hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids Home Cure: Find alternative hemorrhoid cures all the way from Sitz Bath and Witch Hazel, to a fiber rich diet, to the onion and garlic cure, to the centuries old Chinese herbal treatments. Also learn how Holly Hayden cured her hemorrhoids with natural means and now has helped thousands with her information.

I’m Renee Pullman and I invite you to visit to find out more.

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Treatment of Ovarian Cysts – Why Natural Ovarian Cyst Treatment is Best

February 5, 2010

By Renee Pullman

Ovarian cysts hurt, they can ruin your life. Because of this, going to the doctor doesn’t put you in the most objective frame of mind — you just want an answer. The trouble is many treatments just cover up the symptoms. This only leaves you a little better off. Ovarian cysts are something every woman faces at some point in her life so women need to understand what works and what the options are.

If you go to the doctor with the symptoms he will run tests and perhaps look at your ovaries with ultrasound to find out if you have cysts or not. If you have them it is time to choose whether to surgically remove them or do nothing and wait to see what happens. Often cysts will go away on their own, the bodies natural mechanisms will remove them with no medical interference.

On the other hand your doctor may describe birth control pills, in other words a hormone dose to try to clear up the cysts. The other method is surgery. These methods do not get to the underlying causes, they only mask them. Many times after these approaches are tried, the cysts come back. This is why many women look to natural treatments to clear their ovarian cysts.

Natural treatments and methods are real and have long been used to treat ovarian cysts and keep them from returning. These methods work best because you are different from other women, and the natural methods gives your body what it needs to handle your cysts. These natural methods are done at home and instead of masking the underlying causes of the cysts they actually eliminate the causes and truly end the problem.

As a woman one of the best things to do is learn something about the natural treatment of ovarian cysts. What we are looking at here could be a simple change in diet. If you don’t have the cysts now, then these diet changes may prevent you from ever having them. Other natural treatment methods are long warm baths and stress reduction techniques. Yoga can help as well. There are many useful techniques that can help you.

If you are a woman in her child bearing years and are concerned about ovarian cysts and fertility, if you are trying to get pregnant, set your mind at ease. Begin to improve your diet, begin to reduce stress in your life, and do the things that prevent ovarian cysts. These same things will improve your overall health and help create a happier life all around.

Make the positive choices for a health lifestyle and enhanced happiness. I invite you to visit our website to learn more about natural treatment of ovarian cysts.

By changing lifestyle habits you can remove the need for repeated surgeries or hormone treatments by eliminating the causes of the cysts.

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I Want My Ex Back Now, How Can I Get Back Together With My Ex?

January 14, 2010

By Renee Pullman

I want my ex back now. If that is what’s going on in your head, be patient. The “I want it now” attitude is maybe a factor in how you busted up in the first place. Most relationships break up over simple, stupid things. Impatience is one of these things. Regardless of the reason you want to know: how can I get together again with my ex.

  1. Arrange a meeting in a public place. You need to begin communications if you expect to get together. Having the meeting in a public place will help both of you keep your emotions under control.
  2. Both of you need to understand what happened if you want to fix the broken relationship. If it was a specific event or a series of things identify what has caused the break up.
  3. Be honest and open about your feelings. A relationship needs two way communications, watch your words but be honest about your feelings. Be descriptive so you can be understood. Remember that most people are not mind readers.
  4. Cage the nuance. This means really listen as your partner describes their feelings. Often our minds are at work on some internal dialog and we pay no attention. Really work on this because if you don’t know what your partner is communicating you can’t fix it.
  5. Perhaps bring a small gift, a single flower perhaps.

Be clear in your communication, keep the conversation civil. Talk about some good times and if the time seems right talk about ideas for the future. Fully understand the issue at hand – be sure that both of you do. If you are at fault apologize – don’t fix blame though. Rather discuss and come to understanding You have to have the feelings out there and you both have to be on the same page.

Don’t try to make your ex jealous or get into games or power trips – never try to “make” your ex take you back. Making someone do something is childish and it won’t last even if you do. But do make an effort to be at your best both in what you say and how you look.

If things go well, begin small dates, coffee, a movie, anything to have fun together. Don’t push it, keep communication going and you will get there. Your goal is to show them that there is still something special there, something worth working on together.

If you are struggling with a break up you need to learn strategies for getting an ex back. You can get your Ex back, you can save your marriage, save your relationship – learn how to get your ex back. is all about getting your Ex back.

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Law of Attraction Techniques – How to Catch Hold of the Law

January 8, 2010
Image by kevinthoule via Flickr

By Michael Griffin

There are lots of books about the law of attraction and law of attraction techniques: yet the law is simple and you can grasp it in minutes. Like so many good things the law may mean a profound change in the way you think and see life. Try these ideas on:

  • You must only ask to receive
  • Believe it before you see it
  • Your thoughts are things
  • What you think is shaping reality
  • Everything is energy and it is attracted or repelled by you.

None of those ideas are difficult and they underpin the Law of Attraction. Perhaps you’ve heard them from various Guru’s, you may have learned them in Church, many scriptures state the law of attraction, or aspects of it, in different ways.

If you recognize that the law of attraction has everything to do with the way you think, then what do you do about all the negative thoughts that swirl around in most peoples heads. The law of attraction says see the outcome you want and yet most of us have been conditioned to look at the worst things happening so we live a life of fear. The law seeks to empower you, to show you the best things happening, to let you live your life in a state of happiness and courage. So how to deal with these negative thoughts?

This is where the whole thing pivots. What you want is possible, believe that first. Learn to see and feel the possible in your minds eye – visualize.

Learn to create feelings of well being, happiness and gratitude. And the gratitude is for not only what you already have, no matter what it is, but for the thing that is possible, that you are now being grateful that it is here.

While you are doing this, play the Pollyanna game. Go rent the Disney movie and see how Pollyanna does it. There is something good in everything just learn to find it. If this sounds crazy, that’s OK, be crazy like Pollyanna and see the good in things, in people, in events, and in your life. You will create a positive energy and momentum in your life that will return more of the same to you.

On The Abby Road Album The Beatles sang, “And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.” Love is the positive energy that comes along with the law of attraction.

What is the best law of attraction technique? You must only ask and receive. You will find that both simple and complex as you wrap your mind around all that it means.

The Law of Attraction is working in your life right now. The question is, is it operating randomly or by your deliberate intention? I invite you to visit and while you are there pick up the free audio books in the sidebar.

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