Law of Attraction Techniques – How to Catch Hold of the Law

January 8, 2010
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By Michael Griffin

There are lots of books about the law of attraction and law of attraction techniques: yet the law is simple and you can grasp it in minutes. Like so many good things the law may mean a profound change in the way you think and see life. Try these ideas on:

  • You must only ask to receive
  • Believe it before you see it
  • Your thoughts are things
  • What you think is shaping reality
  • Everything is energy and it is attracted or repelled by you.

None of those ideas are difficult and they underpin the Law of Attraction. Perhaps you’ve heard them from various Guru’s, you may have learned them in Church, many scriptures state the law of attraction, or aspects of it, in different ways.

If you recognize that the law of attraction has everything to do with the way you think, then what do you do about all the negative thoughts that swirl around in most peoples heads. The law of attraction says see the outcome you want and yet most of us have been conditioned to look at the worst things happening so we live a life of fear. The law seeks to empower you, to show you the best things happening, to let you live your life in a state of happiness and courage. So how to deal with these negative thoughts?

This is where the whole thing pivots. What you want is possible, believe that first. Learn to see and feel the possible in your minds eye – visualize.

Learn to create feelings of well being, happiness and gratitude. And the gratitude is for not only what you already have, no matter what it is, but for the thing that is possible, that you are now being grateful that it is here.

While you are doing this, play the Pollyanna game. Go rent the Disney movie and see how Pollyanna does it. There is something good in everything just learn to find it. If this sounds crazy, that’s OK, be crazy like Pollyanna and see the good in things, in people, in events, and in your life. You will create a positive energy and momentum in your life that will return more of the same to you.

On The Abby Road Album The Beatles sang, “And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.” Love is the positive energy that comes along with the law of attraction.

What is the best law of attraction technique? You must only ask and receive. You will find that both simple and complex as you wrap your mind around all that it means.

The Law of Attraction is working in your life right now. The question is, is it operating randomly or by your deliberate intention? I invite you to visit and while you are there pick up the free audio books in the sidebar.

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