Life is What Happens to You When You Are Busy Making Other Plans – What Are Your Keys to Success?

August 13, 2009

 By Michael Griffin

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans. – John Lennon

What is your life philosophy? What methods do you use as a compass to guide you to success and the things you want in life even when things aren’t going the way that you think they should? The law of attraction tells us to focus and visualize – this causes idea creation and we take action – but what happens then? What if it doesn’t happen just the way you saw it, does that make it a failure?

Submitted for your consideration are what could have been three failures:

  • David McConnell was selling books door to door in 1886, when the business wasn’t so good he started giving perfume out as bonuses to women to get them to buy his books. Finally the perfume was more popular than his books and so he started a company that is known today as Avon.
  • William Wrigley Jr. started a Chicago based company in 1892 selling soap and baking powder. To encourage people to buy his products he began offering chewing gum as a bonus. As with David McConnell – soon Wrigley’s bonus became more popular than the product he was trying to sell. Wrigley changed his company to sell chewing gum and, as they say, the rest is history.
  • Henry Ford had several false starts on his way to being the mega auto maker. In 1901 he started the Henry Ford Company with some partners and Ford served in the capacity as chief engineer. When a consultant was brought in that Ford disagreed with Ford left. The company was renamed Cadillac Automobile Company and, of course, Ford went down the street with new investors and started a new Ford Motor Company where he maintained more control.

The outcome wasn’t what was expected. Are they failures? The bottom line here is that life doesn’t always go the way you suppose or plan using your best vision board and law of attraction secrets – or any other planning method you have.

President Eisenhower said of his planning for D-Day, “The plan is nothing, planning is everything.”

What’s the problem? Go with it… It is still the law of attraction in operation.

Dale Carnegie said, “When life hands you a lemon, make lemonade.”

These guys made lemonade and you can do the same. Look at the results you are getting and figure out what it means. the books weren’t working but perfume was; soap powder didn’t work but the gum did; Henry Ford started two major car companies, one by mistake, because he started a company without the control that he wanted to have.

How do you develop the mind set to see these kinds of possibilities? What are your keys to success?

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