Top 10 Reasons To Vacation At A Nudist Resort This Summer

July 9, 2009

going naked

going naked

Author: Tom Mulhall

Sound far fetched? Not really! Nude recreation is one of the fastest growing segments of the travel industry. It is a booming niche market with over $400 million in annual revenues. In a recent Roper poll, 25% of Americans have gone skinny dipping.

Historically, Americans had to travel to Europe or the Caribbean to find upscale nudist resorts and hotels. However, in the last 10 years, nude recreation in America has taken off. Now, the finest nudist and clothing optional resorts in the world are found in the United States. The meccas for nude sunbathing are Palm Springs, California and Florida. Palm Springs by far is the most popular as they have 350 days of sunshine per year, beautiful, warm weather, and no mosquitos (a big plus when you aren’t wearing any clothes). Palm Springs has world championship golf, casinos, shopping, theater, art galleries, museums, Joshua Tree National Park, hiking, and a host of other fun activities. Or, you just relax by the pool all day long sipping cool drinks, wonder why it took you so many years to work up the courage to consider vacationing at a clothing optional resort and get a great all over sun tan.

If you are tired of the same old boring vacations that you have been taking at chain hotels, now is the time to try something different and fun. Go ahead and call a clothing optional resort. The only thing you have to lose is your tan lines.

The top ten reasons are:

10) No funny tan lines

9) No need to take a vitamin D supplement

8) No Laundry when you return from vacation

7) Waves don’t knock off swim suit top

6) The natural look takes on a whole new meaning

5) No luggage to check at airport

4) No shoes, no shirt, no problem

3) No sand in swimsuit

2) Everyday is really casual Friday

1) Clothing optional resorts are just plain fun!

About the Author:

Tom with his wife own the popular Terra Cotta Inn Clothing Optional Resort

Article Source: ArticlesBase.comTop 10 Reasons To Vacation At A Nudist Resort This Summer

Sun Bathing And Natural Vitamin D

June 6, 2009

Your body makes vitamin D when exposed to the sun.  The rays that cause your body to make the vitamin D are blocked by glass and by sunscreen.  Even an spf 8 sunscreen will reduce your body’s creation of vitamin D by 95%.

Vitamin D is one of the greatest healing vitamins in your body and your body makes it for free when exposed to sunlight.  Without adequte vitamin D your body doesn’t properly absorb calcium and it takes 10 glasses of milk to get the vitamin D that you need.

Vitamin D diffecncy can lead to obesity,  colon cancer in men, breast cancer in women, and prostate cancer.  Adequate vitamin D helps you avoid dibilitating diseases like MS, type-2 diabetes, and rheuatoid arthritis.   Then there is the ever present loss of bone density.

The bad thing is none of these symptoms appears right away.  Most take years.

A 2000 IU D supplement daily is good insurance but exposure of skin to sun is always best and I advocate nude.   Of course Google has their eye in the spy.  Happily it is very unlikely that Google will photograph you naked but at least if they do no one will be able to tell that it’s really you.  Sun bathe for your health, sun bathe nude for the best results, but get the sun.

I like to sun bathe naked in the garden: it’s private, but I don’t mind company.  There is a club a couple of hours from here where I like to go in the summer and spend a few days at a time getting the natural vitamin D.  I find that many people have the urge to do this but shame, or society, or something keeps them from this freeing experience.   It’s healthy, give it a try.

A Site About Everything Natural

May 30, 2009

This is not a nudists site although like many I have enjoyed getting some natural vitamin D.  It is a site about natural stuff.  Natural food, natural health, natural living, natural money strategy, even natural energy.   There may even be some comments about things that are not natural and that you shouldn’t do.  So the site will wonder across many subjects with lots of interesting twists – I give lots of advise about many things…  Here’s the first thing.  It’s about an un-natural process, divorce – but it’s about a natural approach to it – keeping positive:

Keeping positive during a divorce

If you are someone that is facing a divorce, you may be feeling very depressed or emotionally in distress.  These feelings are very normal.  You cannot predict what is going to happen when you get married.  Some marriages work and others do not.  It is important to understand that this is not the end of the world and things like this happen all the time.

You are not a bad person because you are getting a divorce.  If you and your spouse cannot longer get along, there is no reason to live together in a situation that makes you unhappy.  You need to worry about your future and the well being of yourself and your children if any.  Sometimes a divorce can be avoided with the right consoling and other times, there is just no hope.

You have to keep positive when you are going through a divorce.  You cannot let yourself be taken down by what is happening around you.  If you are being accused of untruthful accusations, you have to keep strong so that you can defend your name and your reputation. 

Do not give up.  You have to be able to fight for what you think is right until the end.  If you are determined to get something that is rightfully yours, you need to stand up for it.  Getting what you want in a divorce is not always possible, but you do have to keep up a good fight for it.  You have to make sure that you are doing this so that you can keep up your positive attitude about what it going on. 

Keep yourself surrounded by others that are positive as well. Keeping your friends and family around you is important. You need to keep having fun and laughing when you can.  This will keep you in a positive atmosphere and keep you ready for what is ahead. 

Once the divorce is over and done with no matter what the outcome, you have to be ready to go on with your life.  You need to be ready to get on with your future and to make your dreams come true.  Your life is not over even if you think that it is.  There are always second chances and you deserve to have one.  Your time will come for love again and if it does not, you will know that you are better off without the other spouse.  You can make it on your own and have a good life.  Always stay positve but you especially need to be keeping positve during your divorce.

One fun thing to do during your divorce, and especially if you’ve never done it before is get some natural vitamin D who knows, maybe you’ll meet someone else daring and exciting while you are doing it.