Sun Bathing And Natural Vitamin D

June 6, 2009

Your body makes vitamin D when exposed to the sun.  The rays that cause your body to make the vitamin D are blocked by glass and by sunscreen.  Even an spf 8 sunscreen will reduce your body’s creation of vitamin D by 95%.

Vitamin D is one of the greatest healing vitamins in your body and your body makes it for free when exposed to sunlight.  Without adequte vitamin D your body doesn’t properly absorb calcium and it takes 10 glasses of milk to get the vitamin D that you need.

Vitamin D diffecncy can lead to obesity,  colon cancer in men, breast cancer in women, and prostate cancer.  Adequate vitamin D helps you avoid dibilitating diseases like MS, type-2 diabetes, and rheuatoid arthritis.   Then there is the ever present loss of bone density.

The bad thing is none of these symptoms appears right away.  Most take years.

A 2000 IU D supplement daily is good insurance but exposure of skin to sun is always best and I advocate nude.   Of course Google has their eye in the spy.  Happily it is very unlikely that Google will photograph you naked but at least if they do no one will be able to tell that it’s really you.  Sun bathe for your health, sun bathe nude for the best results, but get the sun.

I like to sun bathe naked in the garden: it’s private, but I don’t mind company.  There is a club a couple of hours from here where I like to go in the summer and spend a few days at a time getting the natural vitamin D.  I find that many people have the urge to do this but shame, or society, or something keeps them from this freeing experience.   It’s healthy, give it a try.