What Are You Grateful For? Thank You Michael

June 27, 2009

Think about what you are grateful for, anything? Sometimes we get so caught up that we fail to appreciate the gifts of life. Some become dispondant and lose it in an instant.

Michael Jackson was one of the greatest forces in music in the past 40 years and in spite of all the good things that he’s done over the years I wonder if he got too caught up in the struggle. Michael is gone but I am grateful for all the energy in his music. I can’t listen to the Thriller album without taking away something that stirs me. Thank you Michael

Is it a natural state to be grateful?  For some people it seems the answer is no and yet gratitude is one of the most powerful forces that we can take on in our live.  Have you ever thought of gratitude as a force at work?  There is nothing finer to bring  joy into your life than feeling gratitude well up.  And joy makes everything you do easier.  Joy is a great oil to soothe and to keep those gears of life running smoothly and what could be more natural.