Louisville Divorce Attorney, How To Find The Best One

April 7, 2013

If you are trying to find the Best Louisville Divorce Attorney then you have come to the right place.  You want an attorney who can manage the legal side for you but also one who can help you manage your emotions and plan your future.  Your future is what is at stake here.  You need a great result in court so that you can build your future on a solid base.  Many have gone into Louisville courtrooms and have thrown everything away.  But a good Divorce Attorney will get you the result you need to move forward with your life.

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How to Get My Husband to Love Me Again – How to Break the Destructive Relationship Cycle

June 13, 2010

By Renee Pullman

Over time you have begun to feel like you and your husband are not close anymore. As you read this article you will discover why this is so and what your can do about it. Growing apart is one of the biggest causes of affairs and the problem that marriage councilors see most often. If your marriage is growing apart and you are wondering: “how to get my husband to love me again,” then you are in the right place.

Often when a relationship begins to cool a woman will try to show her husband that she loves him. They try to prove they love him so that he will love her again. Usually this conversation and resulting actions are going on only in the wife’s head, the husband has no idea what is going on with it and the actions are usually just ignored by him or she will seem clingy. This is not attractive to him and will cause him to withdraw further. The wife will have a blow to her self-esteem and perhaps get started on the road to depression and push him farther away. It is a vicious circle that you don’t want to enter.

To make positive changes we have to understand what is happening first. If you have experienced this scenario then the information above may come as a revelation. This understanding is the first step to fixing things.

So look at your actions and attitude. Have you become clingy, needy, and insecure? Trying to please someone and having no success can trigger all of those feelings. Step back to that confidant, adventurous woman who you were (and still are) when he fell in love with and married you. As you do this the marriage should begin to warm again and as it does he will likewise begin to warm. If he doesn’t, talk to him and try to understand what else might be going on.

Often it is a small thing or misunderstanding that begins to create hurt and anger; a small thing that can fester and become a huge barrier: you’ve got to break this cycle in order to fix your marriage and get back the love that you deserve. The resentment, hurt, and anger will even put a damper on sexual desire and getting each other into bed is important to a happy marriage, and important to be able to get your husband to love you again.

It is not you, you just need to learn the right responses to life’s bumps.

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Get Your Wife Back, Secrets of Restoring Your Marriage

June 13, 2010

By Renee Pullman

She has left and you are wondering, how to get your wife back. You love her but feel like you’ve been blindsided but you are willing to forgive. At some point you need to ask questions about what kind of relationship that you had and should you forgive. But for now let’s get past that and talk about how to go about getting the relationship back.

What happened, what was the thing that caused the breakup, what was your part, what things have you done to contribute to the breakup? There are always two parts to a breakup, often one partner is more at blame than the other but at some point these things feed each other. For example she overspends and you bitch at her. You come home late and you get a similar treatment from her. This type of action-response is getting your marriage nowhere and is the thing that has pushed you apart.

For months you may have been asking yourself, “how do you get your wife to love you, how do you get your wife to have sex with you?” Now she’s gone and you blame yourself. These kinds of things are symptoms and not causes of a breakup. These are reasons to let you know that your relationship is headed the wrong way. Instead of looking for those answers you need to look beyond and why those symptoms exist. For a successful treatment the doctor has to look at what is causing the problem and not just treat the symptoms. If you itch and scratch it and it turns out the itch was from poison ivy then you have done exactly the wrong thing. It is the same with relationships, you must learn to look beyond the symptoms and really understand what is happening.

Couples come into relationships with different expectations and with different needs and motivations. Failure to understand how you can meet each others needs is a recipe for a broken relationship either now or in the future. This is not just true for marriages but also for people who have just met. If you find your relationships fail to last then you need to consider this information carefully.

As to getting your wife back you need a solid plan. First, approach with confidence. No woman truly wants a clinging wimp who begs her to come back. Allow a little space while you get your head together and decide what it is that you really want out of a relationship. Then try to understand her needs and expectations and whether these are a good fit for yours. Now you have the basis of a discussion with her and you are ready to move forward and get your wife back.

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Divorce For Men – Divorce Surprises – What Unwanted, Costly Surprise is Waiting For You?

November 19, 2009

By Renee Pullman

Many couples are able to work out most of the details of their divorce on their own and even though they may have lawyers they will save a lot of money because of it. Here is the rub: maybe you have this thing worked out between you and you are getting a budget divorce. Your attorney may not be paying as much attention as you would hope. A divorce “surprise’ might enter in to the picture. Consider this story which was inspired by real events:

Les And His Big Divorce Surprise

Teresa and Les signed their dissolution agreement and went on their separate ways. Teresa did very well with a nice maintenance agreement and Les quit claimed the house to her.

Two years go by and some months ago Les made his last payment to Teresa. He is now a free man. Les had married Marsha along the way and at last they can move from the apartment they were living in and into a house.

They found a nice place which is now within their budget and they made an offer to buy and had their offer accepted.

Now its Halloween 2009: Les answers the phone and the mortgage broker asks Les why he did not report his other mortgage and why it is in arrears.

Teresa had not been so good on the payments since her maintenance checks from Les had ended and now the old marital house is about to go into foreclosure.

Les had quit claimed the house to her and he thought he was done with it, surprise! Although Les had given up his interest in the house, he failed to realize that he could not give up his interest in the mortgage, the bank was not party to the divorce settlement and still holds him liable for the mortgage.

Not only had Les made a poor settlement with Teresa but now he has to pay again. No new home for Les and his new wife, and his Ex has screwed him once again.

What Other Surprises May Lurk In My Divorce?

There are many surprises and traps possible in any legal proceeding – like Les’s surprise or like thinking that you are getting a tax write off for the kids but failing to realize that if the agreement is not done right you may just have primed up yourself for yet another divorce surprise. The list goes on, you really do need to learn the processes of divorce if you expect to get the best settlement and win your divorce.

You can take the surprises out; you can understand the process and where the potential problems are. This way you will work better with your attorney and avoid the divorce surprises and traps that are out there.

Avoid Divorce Surprises

Divorce for men means learning all of the tactics and strategies that will give you the insider information to avoid surprises and come out of divorce court without losing everything. Learn what it takes to win your divorce.

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Win Your Divorce: Divorce Tactics For Men

July 1, 2009

Author: Renee Pullman

My woman done left and took all the reasons I’ve been workin’ for.

–Johnny Paycheck

That line from “Take This Job And Shove It” dosn’t have to be your divorce story. Don’t let her just take it.

As a man, traditionally, you are at a disadvantage in divorce court unless you lean the strategies and insider secrets that will give you the advantage in the process.

Here are five simple tips to get you started.

  1. She doesn’t love you any more. Get over it and don’t feel sorry for her even if you have been wrong about things. Don’t be an SOB but don’t just cave to her requests. She’s looking out for herself and you’ve got to look out for you – no one else will. When this thing is over you want to have resources for your life and not be paying for her new car, beauty treatments, or the weekend getaway with the new man.
  2. Watch the money – get control of those joint accounts and credit cards. Her attorney will probably tell he to close them and take the cash. Enough said?
  3. Keep positive. It won’t do fo you to walk around like Eeyore with a rain cloud over your head. Your friends won’t want to see you and you won’t have any fun. And the worst part, you won’t really care whats being done to you in the divorce. Your future is at stake. Begin creating it now.
  4. Close any income gap between the two of you. If you go to court and she looks destitute and you look really flush what do you think will happen? Your CPA can help with your income and there are services that will investigate her true market value if she would get a job. This is evidence that will help you my friend.
  5. Get the best information, there are strategies that will deny her the best attorneys, that will save you a fortune in taxes, that will help you keep all the stuff you’ve worked for over the years.

Your goal is to take this opportunity to start out on your future on the best foot. There is no need to give up on the house, the kids, and all the things you’ve worked for. Learn how to make the divorce work for you, learn how to win your divorce.

About the Author:

If divorce has come into your life and you are a man, you need insider information to come out of divorce court without losing everything. Divorce For Men will help you arrive at a settlement that is fair for you.

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Can one spouse prevent a divorce from happening?

June 14, 2009

If one person does not want to get a divorce, but one party in the relationship does and it is a no fault divorce, then the spouse cannot stop the divorce.  This is called an irreconcilable difference and is a justification for divorce. 


A spouse can prevent a fault divorce by convincing the court that he or she is not at fault.  This is something that they would have to prove and it is up to the judge to decide.  There are other additional ways to defend a divorce from happening may also be a choice for some situations.


If a person who condones that a spouse is having an affair files for a divorce, the spouse may contest the fault divorce by arguing that the spouse knew of the affair and condoned the action.  This is one way for a person to defend himself or herself in court.


Connivance is the setting up of a situation so that the other person commits something to jeopardize the marriage.  One type of situation to explain is if a women sets up her husband in situation where he is alone with his mistress.  This is known as a set up and it is an argument that one can make in court to defend their actions. 


Provocation is the inciting of a spouse to do a certain act.  If a spouse is suing for divorce and claims that the other spouse abandoned them, the other spouse might defend their suit because they were provoked by the abandonment.  Collusion is if a couple lives in a state where no fault divorce requires that the couple separate for a time and the couple doe not want to prolong the situation.  This may lead the couple to mislead the court and pretend that one of them was at fault just to get out of the marriage. 


These above defenses are not usually used for a few different reasons.  Proving a defense may require witnesses and involve a lot of time and expense.   Your efforts will usually bring nothing to the situation.  Chances are that a court will eventually grant the divorce.  A person should not have to stay married if they do not wish too.  The law is designed to give people the opportunity to get out of the marriage if that is what he or she really wants to do.  If you are involved in a marriage that you don’t want to be in any longer, the process can be hard to get through, but you can make a divorce really happen, and put an end to the marriage.

For Men Divorce Means Considering The Children

June 14, 2009

For men divorce can be even tougher when there are children.  Traditionally men suffered the loss of not only their spouse but to some extent their children and this was bad all the way around.  It’s not right and it doesn’t have to be.  You can become the custodial parent or get join custody.  No need to lose out all the way around.

When you are getting a divorce and there are children involved, it is important to be careful how you react in front of the children.  After you tell them what is going on and explaining to them that they are still loved by both parents, you do not want to upset them in any way.  You need to make sure that the children are feeling safe and secure knowing that both parents love them.


You should never have a fight in front of the children with the other parent.  This will be very disturbing to the children and may cause them to be fearful of what may happen in the future.  You should not speak in a bad way about the other parent as well.  You have to be very careful not to call the other parent names or talk bad about any thing that they have done.


Never keep the children away from the other parent unless they are in danger of anything.  You should let the children see the parent when they feel the need to.  Let them know that they can call them anytime and you will be happy to drive them to see you’re soon to ex spouse’s residence any time that they want.


You never want to distance yourself from your children.  You have to keep up your responsibly of being a parent.  You need to communicate with your child and be a good parent.  It is a hard time and can be very depressing for a lot of adults.  It is important to keep up your strength both physically and emotionally for the children’s sake. 



Do not try and buy the child’s affection with gifts and money.  You need to spend time with them and let them know that they are the most important things right now.  You need to keep all of your promises to them and do not abandon them for any reason. If you say that you are going to be there is a certain time, you need to be there. 


If you think that the child needs to have therapy, you should make the necessary arrangements. Do you feel your child needs to talk to someone, if they need to talk to a professional let them, as this is going to help a child in the long run.  It is crucial to the children to be able to discuss their feeling and to be reassured that they have nothing to worry about concerning the divorce.  It is nothing to be ashamed of and the child should be made to feel comfortable about all that is going on around them.