Louisville Internet Marketing To Promote Your Business

Do you own a local business in Louisville. Internet Marketing may be the thing that you need to use to promote it. Internet Marketing for local business is proven to bring more customers through the door. Our friends at Louiville Marketing Labs had this to say:

Why Internet Marketing May Not Be Working For You

The frustration of many business owners is building a new website and not getting visitors. They invest a lot of money and find out that no one finds them online unless it is from their business card.There is a good reason for this. Most website designers can make the sites look good but have little idea what Google and the other search engines are looking for. You see Google and the others want to provide an excellent service for people searching on their sites and so they send web spiders out to crawl through every page on your site to see what it is about.  Then they will understand which site is most like the keywords the searcher typed in.  So far so good, right.

Search engines look for phrases users type in to find services they are looking for, if your site contains those “keywords” presented in a way that highlights them then Google might consider your site worthy of high placement in the search results. On the other hand it may be that another company has done a better job with this and their site comes in ahead of yours. Or perhaps they have a lot of other websites linking to them in the way that Google and the others like. This will also help put them ahead.

Back to your web designer and getting found on the internet. The part about getting found was just never taught to web designers.

To top all of that off, there are now two types of search results, organic and local. Ranking in one and not the other can also be problematic but that is another story.

All of the things you need to do to bring about a happy search result for your business is called SEO or search engine optimization, every website needs it, and it is done to the website itself and it is done out on the internet by linking back to your site from other sites that Google already considers important. This is the difference between the success and failure of your site and possibly of your business.

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