The Importance Of Mobile Web Sites For Local Businesses

By Michael Griffin

Web capable cell phones have taken over the market place and because they can access the web it becomes a necessity for business to have mobile ready websites. A mobile ready website can recognize the type device connecting and change the information they supply to it based on what is connecting. Perhaps it sounds like a mobile website is difficult to build, but often this can be done with a software addition to your website.

Before we buy things we like to know more about them, particularly larger purchases. usually we do an online search and read reviews, rankings, and other information that a web search can turn up. Your company can be online and supply relevant information about your products and services and this will give you a leg up on your competition if your information is found instead of your competitors.

There are now mobile devices in the world than PCs. This means that mobile search is increasing and will soon out strip PC search. Google has already declared that in the future it will develop for mobile search and not PC search so if you are not in on this you are missing out.

The rise of mobile search is the number one reason that your company needs a mobile ready website. These searches are being done while the consumer is on the run and the information they find is key to what they buy.

Here are some more reasons your company needs a mobile ready website.

    1. Each year the number of people searching online for information about products and services increases. During the past 10 years this has boomed over 150% an awesome amount.


    1. Of mobile phone users, 40% go online and over 20% of them go online everyday. You need to grab a piece of this increased mobile search.


  1. It is not expensive to build a mobile ready website. Of course you plan a mobile website differently than a regular one, the devices have smaller screens and different navigation and this must be considered. Making such a site is not difficult nor does in take much time.

A mobile ready website is a requirement for today’s business. More and more consumers are going online with their mobile devices and expect to find the information they search for. Will it be information about your company or about your competitor. Where your customers find the information is where they will buy.

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