Law of Attraction: I have clarity about my future.

I live my life with purpose because I am clear about my future. My faith in my purpose assures me that not all questions need answers. Clarity is not about having all the solutions, but about trusting in a positive outcome no matter what.

I may have to walk through challenging situations, but I am certain of my ability to survive. I have the courage to face any opposition. And I grow more hopeful about the future by focusing on my strengths, rather than my shortcomings.

The talents given to me by my Creator are exactly what I need to fulfill my unique destiny. By learning my own interests and discovering new skills, I uncover pieces of that plan. As I hone my natural abilities, my purpose becomes clearer.

The ultimate use of my talents is to aid me in the role I have in this world. Therefore, by taking time to search my soul and find my passion, I also find my purpose.

I am confident about my decisions. Regardless of the season of life I may find myself in, I continue to believe in myself because I know my purpose. My eyes remain on the big picture even while I labor through the mundane tasks of life.

While there are people who walk along with me, my purpose and future are unique to me. I refrain from trying to be like someone else because I have different abilities. I follow my own path because that road leads me where I need to go.

Today, I choose to take time to discover my interests and passions in order to gain clarity about my future. I embrace my role in life with steadfast faith.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I stay focused on my destiny even when circumstances are grim?

2. What are my interests and talents?

3. What can I do with those abilities to touch another person’s life?

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