The Best Way To Use The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction: 6 Steps to Wealth

The Law of Attraction describes the flow of energy between each person and the universe. Positive thoughts and attitudes draw positive energy from the universe, while negative beliefs vibrate to attract negative results. The Law of Attraction is about unfolding the corporal and spiritual nature that is our reality. We all have varying areas to improve upon depending on the status of our lives. One such area is wealth. Here are 6 steps which you can take to bring more wealth into your life using the law of attraction:

1. Remember that your creation process does not vary in any area of your life. Your beliefs make your experience and wealth creation is no different.

2. Explore your financial issues. What does money mean to you? How do you feel about money? Do you enjoy being rich or does the status concern you? Do you feel relaxed with money? Does money feel strange to you? Explore these questions. All these thoughts are critical to the path to wealth. Create a comprehensive list. Allow your thoughts and feelings to simply flow onto the page.

3. Your goal must be on wealth so your mind will have something to focus on. The law of attraction is about conscious manifestation. You must allow your mind to understand what you want, otherwise you will not receive. Choosing your goal is vital to the law of attraction process.

4. Financial wealth is commonly linked to your thoughts of self-worth and acceptance that you can achieve what you desire in your life. What does your self-worth look like?

5. Making money is the same as any other area in your life as far as the law of attraction goes. The only difference is that you are working with different beliefs so if there is an area that you are happy with, and then examine why you are getting positive results. What is different about that area to the wealth area? If you discover the reason, then channel them over to the areas you want to improve (i.wealth). 

6. Spend 10 minutes every day and focus your attention on the beliefs you want. For example, “I have achieved my financial goal of … Which has come into my life easily as I allow myself to be rich and pleased with money.” Repeating this or other affirmations daily along with allowing your imagination to just wander with thoughts of what such a reality would look like is all you need to do. When the 10 minutes is up, just forget about it, and let ‘reality’ do its thing. Do this for 30 days and you will see change.

When you apply the law of attraction to wealth, the journey is an amazing one because it leads to a sense of freedom that you could not have achieved in such a fantastic and spiritually transformative way. The law of attraction offers you the possibility to expand and empower your desired goals.  


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