The Science of Getting Rich: Action Now


The Science of Getting Rich: Action Now

We always see signs that tells us to “ACT NOW”, “now is your chance to save 20%,” and so many other such advertisements which invade our society. Failing to act now is considered risky. We could miss out on a great opportunity. Well, Wallace D. Wattles wrote in his book, The Science of Getting Richer about the need to act in the moment. How could you expect to ever get rich if you did not act upon your desire to be rich? It was one thing to want it, but an entirely different matter to actually act upon your vision.

Wattles believed that man must act and behave in a certain way to become rich. First he must gain a mental image of being rich, hold it consistently, and detail it to the fullest. However, just visualizing it will only remain a thought. Without personal action, nothing will come of it. Man must take action and perform in accordance with the idea of being rich. In SGR, Wattles used many examples pertaining to business that illustrated his point about immediate action. He stated that if one “engaged in some business, and feel that it is not the right, …, do not wait …to get into the right business before you begin to act.”

He understood man well. While it seems so obvious that time is on its own schedule we still try to control the hands. We focus on the past and worry about the future. He wisely stated that man cannot act in the past, and it is essential to the clearness of your mental vision that you dismiss the past from your mind. You cannot act in the future, for the future is not here yet. And you cannot tell how you will want to act in any future contingency until that contingency has arrived.”

Believing in your mental image that you know what you want and that you are taking action is the key to becoming rich. Wattles stated that even if you are in an uncomfortable situation, yet are doing everything in your power to move toward your goal, then given time you will reach your purpose. You just must remain steadfast and on course. Keep your purpose fixed and your mental image in tact. While you may feel discouraged because you are not in the right business, remember what want and keep clear of any distractions that may cloud your fixed purpose. The universe will respond in kind.


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