Making The Secret Work

Use The Law of Attraction To Build Relationships

Building an intentional path begins with you. The Law of Attraction states “like attracts like.” That simple principle clears the way for you. So, write down the qualities you respect and desire in a relationship. Now, ask yourself if you hold those same qualities or are working to achieve them.

Conventional wisdom claims that ‘opposites attract.’ However, the Law of Attraction proves otherwise.  While there are many examples of couples complementing each other, the weakness is that you may be unintentionally attracting someone with great qualities but you may be unwilling to modify or change your personal qualities.

Another key issue is abundance vs. the lack of it. While considering the qualities of a potential relationship are vital, so are the feelings of abundance. It is necessary to have clear intentions about what you want. It is also relevant to know how you perceive what you already have. If you feel a sense of abundance now, then that is what you will attract. If you emotionally feel a lack, that is what will manifest subconsciously in your relationship. The lack you feel will likely thwart goals to attract abundance.

Focus on what you already have. Be grateful for friends and family, small and big things. Appreciate even the slightest encounters. Develop healthy relationships which fulfill other aspects of your lives. These attract more and more positive experiences. Opening yourself to what the universe has to offer attracts more positive back to you.

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