The Greatest Secret Of The Ages

Is there a formula of success?  Many believe there is, others don’t think so.  Yet why is it that some succeed in measures beyond belief while others barely irk out an existence? 

Where do you stand, are you looking for the secret of success or do you believe that it is all dumb luck? 

Using The Law of Attraction To Succeed

By Michael Griffin

Using The Law Of Attraction To Build A Plan

The law of attraction is an important part of success. Success in any endeavor requires planning and a good plan is an important part of using the law.

Fleshing Out The Plan

The law of attraction requires that you understand where it is you are going, what success means. After defining what success is then you have something to use in your visualization exercises. If you are serious about being successful you will roll the ideas around in your mind at least once a day, and again this is in line with the law.

Meditation On The Plan

As you roll the ideas around, or meditate on them, they will cause other ideas to arise. This may not happen on the first day that you meditate, but it will happen so just be patient. These other ideas are most important to note down. In fact you should keep a journal of anything that comes up no matter how inconsequential that it may seem.

Taking Action

Consider how each of these ideas fits into your plan. Can you take action on the ideas, if so then get busy, if not, then take it into your next meditation with the intention of getting more ideas and information about it. Use each of the ideas in this way by feeding them back into the meditation always looking for ways to take action on them.

The steps to success with the law of attraction

1. know your outcome

2. meditate on it.

3. Feed the ideas that come out of the meditation back into it, meanwhile take action on any ideas that you can.

The Success Loop

Do the steps daily or even several times a day, the more you do it the better it will work. If this seems like work then perhaps you are not really serious about this outcome. If you can easily lay the idea down then consider something else. Otherwise you will create a success loop unlike anything you may have known.

Your focus on the outcome will become so intense and you will be easily drawn into the success building activities that are generated by using the law of attraction.

The law of attraction can bring you unparalleled success, you need only use it. Find out more about the law of attraction at

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