The Law of Attraction: Breaking the Negative Cycle

By Michael Griffin

Every day, we are overwhelmed with constant negative phrases in our thinking such as I can’t move ahead, I couldn’t be on time, I didn’t win, I don’t have enough money, etc. Sound familiar? Is mind set a representation of your current circumstances? If yes, then as you may have guessed, you are proof that the Law of Attraction exists. Though, you are shining example of attractive negatives, not positives at the moment. Let’s see how we can change that…

Breaking the Cycle

Have you ever wondered why we always seem to focus on the negative stuff in our lives instead of all the good? I mean, everyone has something. We do it out of habit. Breaking out of this “negative habit” does take effort, but it’s just like any other habit. It takes more if you’ve been doing this for much longer. Sometimes, the negative cycle has been passed down from generations. In many families, negative comments were simply considered “criticism,” but, in fact, you ended up mirroring their behavior. Isn’t it time to break the negative cycle? Or rather… IT IS time to break the cycle.

Many struggle with “negatives” daily. Those “negatives” seem to take permanent residence in people’s lives. When turning negatives into positives, it’s important to materialize positives into motion. Busy your hands with creating positive images for your eyes and mind to focus on. Some create visual boards. Others write and say daily affirmations.

Attracting Positives

Another way of attracting positives is to create your own manifesting scrapbook. The purpose is of the scrapbook is to visualize what you want so your subconscious will see what you want and know what to do to manifest your goals, dreams, etc. Place your scrapbook somewhere near, so you can look at it often. It is your choice to share it with others or keep it private. This is for you and your fulfillment. Wherever you choose to place your scrapbook, the essential thing is that it is in a safe place. Fill your scrapbook with as many pages as you wish with positive affirmations, clippings, and pictures from magazines, phrases, anything which resonates with your goals. Also, include pictures of your family, friends, pets, etc.


§ Scissors

§ Paper

§ Glue

§ Magazines

§ Photos

§ Pens, Pencils, Crayons, Glitter, etc.

The law of attraction is at work in your life every day. How will it work for you, are you using it on purpose or is it just unfolding at random. Learn more at

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