Applying the Law of Attraction in 5 Steps

By Michael Griffin

Discover your Life Purpose

If you find yourself on a path filled with negative feelings, stress, and counter productivity, it is time to explore what you really want to do in your life. By exploring what you want to achieve the most, you begin to recognize your dream. The answer is within you. Your job is to listen and discover a clear and detailed intention of what it is you want.

Daily Positive Affirmations

All affirmations must be stated in present tense. Stating a desire in the future means you are waiting for what you want. You must remain in the moment.Every affirmation must be positive. The universe always gives you what you ask for.

Shorter statements are more influential on the subconscious mind. Simply say them. Post them in places as visual reminders, whether in the home, office, or cars.

Envisioning your affirmations is another component to the Law. While saying your daily affirmations, enjoy the vision of what you are affirming to be true. Your emotions will follow.

Now, this is the big one-Believing. Without believing what it actually feels like to accomplish your goals, the rest doesn’t matter. You need to feel and visualize what it feels like now. The more frequently you can imagine yourself already there, and then your subconscious will know how to get you there.


Since you are meditating, the Theta Brainwave state is communicating with your subconscious giving greater vivid imagery to what you envision as your desires and goals (Theta Brainwave State occurs between 4Hz-8Hz. You experience a heightened state of being). You are able to visualize yourself living out your life as you having the things you want. This is your chance to “remap” or “reprogram” your mind through Theta. Otherwise, your dream will remain just that.

Take Action

This step is fun! At some point, you’ve thought of a book, a place, an idea, it doesn’t matter. As your mind focuses on it, thoughts, ideas, and inspirations begin to flow to you from the Universe. If you feel good about it, then take action. If the idea is about a hobby, then check out places that offer courses. If you want to visit Egypt, send for brochures, check for plane tickets, hotels, cities, how long you want to stay, and what would you like to see. Thinking specifically about your trip will influence your subconscious that you really do want to travel to Egypt.

The Law of Attraction is about manifestation. Simply thinking about what you want is not enough. You must also act upon your desire to achieve your desires to reach your goals.

Express Gratitude

The Law of Attraction gives you the power to show gratitude. When you express gratitude, you receive more of what you are grateful for. Gratitude gives others positive feelings. In turn, you also attract more positive experiences in your life.

Affirmations, meditation, action, gratitude are key parts of the law of attraction. You can begin using the law deliberately in your life today. Visit and discover the next steps.

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