Self Improvement And Success, The Carnegie Secret

By Michael Griffin

Success, it is what we all seek and yet few achieve, at least to the level they had envisioned. Finding success is when your life slips into a state of joy and your efforts are multiplied.

Consider the head of a corporation, he has a general idea for his company and a thousand hands begin work on it. His efforts are multiplied by the number of people who work for him. Success does not always take this form but it is illustrative of what happens when you become successful. Suddenly the things you do become multiplied and you accomplish great things with small efforts. It is this leverage that is important.

Self improvement means many things to many people. Some are interested in self improvement because of their feelings of low self esteem. They grew up in a situation in which they failed to get the nurturing they needed. This does not mean they had bad parents or anything of the sort. It just means what it says that somehow, something was missed in their upbringing. The trap for these people is not to fall into the need for constant self-improvement, as if you were nothing now.

The fact is while you may have things to learn you can begin where you are to reach out for the prizes that you want. Begin now to see the things you want and to figure out the first step to getting to it. If there is some skill that you think you need to get there, then you can learn it or find someone who already has that skill and partner with them.

Napoleon Hill, that great success writer of the 20th century calls partnering up with as many people as it takes a master mind. Hill tells the story of Andrew Carnegie, the great producer of steel in the early 1900’s, Carnegie claimed he knew very little about producing steel but that he did know about gathering people who did and keeping them happy.

This may be the secret that you need to master as well. In any undertaking there are a myriad of things to be done and no one person can do them all. You can master the gathering and cultivating of a team that can do it all.

Put Andrew Carnegie’s secret to work in your life. Discover what it takes to succeed on a grand scale. Discover how to use the secret and tap into the law of attraction.

I invite you to visit and uncover these great secrets for yourself.

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