Online Marketing, How To Get Your Local Business To The Top Of The Search Engines

By Michael Griffin

62% of Canadians and Americans search online with a local intent. 82% of those follow the search up with a visit to a local merchant either by physical visit, a phone call, or a physical visit and a purchase.

Researching Local Shopping

More people research buying goods and services online with Google and other search engines than with any other means. Mobile search is becoming the biggest means of finding business online. As more and more smart phones enter the market place this trend becomes stronger all the time. A person wants to call about something she needs, why hunt for a phone book when with a couple of keystrokes all of the information about the product can be brought to her phone? Local search is the biggest thing happening in advertising today.

Getting Your Business Into Local Search

Local search, if you are there and can be found, can have the biggest impact on your business that you have ever seen. Many will benefit by the new technologies while others will lose big time. How can you benefit from local search and insure the ongoing viability of your business?

It all begins with getting into Google’s local search. Google maps, Google places, it seems to get a new name and a new spin every week, but the fact is it is the game to be in. It is free to get started in this, just go to Google and search for “Google Places” and you will find them. Your first step is to go there and see if Google made a website for you. They have done this for over 35,000,000 businesses and yours may be there – unclaimed. Claim your business and flesh it out by filling in the data fields, adding pictures and videos.

For the next step to getting your business found and engaging in local marketing visit

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  1. Your content is great…the video posted on your website is FANTASTIC! Thanks for the info!

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