Marketing, Online Techniques For Recession Proof Business

By Michael Griffin

Recession Proof Business, how is it possible?

Adding an online presence will not in and of itself help your business. Many companies have invested thousands of dollars and have failed to see any return. Many business owners have seen the fall off in response from phone book and newspaper advertising but the websites they built have not delivered either. These owners don’t believe the internet can help them. Sometime these owners have bought websites from the phone company. These sites are from the very people who are being killed by the internet. Don’t trust your marketing to people who really don’t understand web traffic.

80% of consumers do some sort of search on Google before making local purchases. Do you think the phone number and address of local businesses who offer the product shows up? Phone companies are beginning to stop printing white pages (also because of so many mobile phones) and more and more consumers are simply not looking at the business pages. Where is your phonebook?

Traditional Advertising Is Failing All Over The Country

There is a similar story for newspaper advertising. More and more people are getting their news online and forgoing getting newspaper delivery. There is a major shift that is already well underway.

These statistics are the same in Louisville, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and other large cities. Your marketing must work around these changes that are going on. The problem with the websites made by phone companies and others is they don’t understand how a website attracts traffic. Just putting up a website does you no good at all.

People type the words for the things they are looking for into the search box. This has typically been on Google but more and more it is becoming Facebook as well. But wherever they do it, the matching pages that your business wants them to find has to match up. Not only that they have to be indexed and have other sites pointing to them. Google assigns trust to pages that have links from other pages (lots of links). These links are best if they contain the same keywords.

There is a quick look at why you want to be on the web but why your website may not be working. I invite you to visit Louisville Marketing at and learn more.

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