How To Make The Law of Attraction Work

By Michael Griffin

It is interesting to note that there are probably more people who refuse to believe the law of attraction works than those who believe that it does work. It is difficult to imagine that super success is possible.

Most of us are taught throughout our lives that it takes lots of hard work to make anything happen and those who achieve great success have a lot of “luck.” In fact the opposite is true. Those who achieve great success find themselves drawn into things that they find enjoyable. They learn along the way that they need others help to leverage their time and help them do more faster.

But what about how it all works?

As you become interested in something that you want to accomplish, your thoughts travel to it all of the time. It becomes a “magnificent obsession” and you learn more about it. At this point let me state that if you are not sincerely drawn to the thing you want to accomplish then perhaps it is not for you and you need to keep looking for whatever it is.

But if you are drawn to your “magnificent obsession” then the law of attraction has begun working on your behalf. It is your job to continue to feed your obsession and see where you want to get to. If you do this and continue to repeat the exercise daily then ideas will spin out of it. Some of these ideas will be actionable and you need to take action as quickly as you can.

Other ideas may not be fully fleshed out and you may wonder where they fit in. Feed these ideas back into the meditation and see them moving into place. Be patient in the process and things will evolve in ways that you cannot imagine.

Keep going, everyday, impress your vision on your mind, see it, feel it, imagine that you can touch it.

Napoleon Hill said, “anything the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve.” If you have accomplished seeing and feeling step then you are ready to achieve. Perhaps it is happening already for you. Keep up the meditation and as you are ready expand things.

Add to the vision in faith. You will accomplish it all.

The law of attraction can bring you unparalleled success, you need only use it. Find out more about the law of attraction at

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