Growing Up And Losing The Law of Attraction

By Michael Griffin

“Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.” –Henry David Thoreau

Most people have things reasonably good and just don’t question their lives. They don’t question what could be.

Our society has made life pretty good for us. It we just show up we can do quite well. And so it is that we do show up, get a job, get married, come home at night and watch TV or work the computer. We repeat the something the next day and just do not question what goes on in our lives. Earl Nightingale wrote about it in just this way in his “Strangest Secret” program.

As we come to the end of our lives and die, our friends gather round and say a few good things about us and we are gone. Sure we’ve had a little effect but that is all. We die with the song still in us.

But sometimes, something remarkable happens. There is a thing called the law of attraction. It is there all along but most of us don’t notice it or don’t believe it. The law of attraction is a means of attracting things into our lives. It is instinctive but as we live out our lives of quiet desperation we learn to forget about it in the same way we forget about Santa Claus. Just one of those things of childhood to put away as we grow up.

But as children we imagine, we see things we want to do, and we play as if it were real.

A friend of mine always wanted to be a writer and as a child she drew out typewriter keys on a box. Another friend setup a broadcast studio in his room and was a great broadcaster. For these two the childhood dreams didn’t end. They brought their dreams into the future and created careers for themselves.

The imaging as children and the compulsion to go out and make a typewriter or a broadcast studio are part of us. Most of us forget the process as we grow out of childhood. We learn to “believe it when we see it” instead of the childhood way of, “seeing it when we believe it.”

Learn to unleash the law of attraction once again in your life. Believe for the things you want before you see them. Belief is a necessary first step. I can’t tell you how long you’ll have to believe — only that the strong belief will attract an action plan that can bring it to fruition. The strong belief will carry you forward and take care of you while you achieve that thing within you, while you bring out the song.

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