Self-Help Treatment for Panic Attack

by Renee Pullman

A self-help treatment for panic attack is possible but you need to go in prepared.  Don’t try to consider what all of this means in the middle of the attack, study it out now and make if part of you so it flows naturally when needed.

Self Help And Panic Attacks

Although it is not advisable to diagnose yourself with panic attack, it is really not sensible to wait until your supposed “attack” is over before you do something about it. Here are the things you must know so that when you feel that you are having an attack, you know what to do.

Understand what panic attack is all about.  Understanding panic attack triggers is most important because if you know what they are you can first avoid those triggers, and failing that be prepared fo the attack. Remember this: panic attacks can happen to anyone. It can happen to stressed and depressed person as well as happy and healthy ones. It can happen without warning, without any apparent reason.

Triggers can also cause irrational and exaggerated fear and anxiety. Chemical imbalance in the body (low serotonin and low progesterone levels) can trigger an attack. And while there are so many studies that suggest some causes of panic attacks, the condition is still not fully understood.

Know panic/anxiety attack symptoms. For most many people, there is no easy telling whether or not they are experiencing a panic attack during the moment of attack since it is difficult for them to rationalize things and to differentiate what is real from the unreal. While this is the case, it is not really an excuse.

Stay positive. While it is easier said than done, staying positive during an attack will speed up your recovery. Let the situation flow while keeping in mind that it will going to pass. An attack peaks for 5 to 10 minutes and rarely extends for more than half an hour so do not think that you are going crazy (or going to die) even if it feels that you are going crazy (or going to die).

Avoid unnecessary stress. While you cannot avoid every stressful situation and it is also unhealthy to turn your back on situations that need to be addressed, avoiding unnecessary stress help reduce the chances of you experiencing an attack. Stay away from people who stress you out, from relationship that causes stress, and situations that get you tensed.

Learn to say “no” if you have other much important things to do; do not work for extended hours; do not accept additional work if you know you cannot do it properly, etc.

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  1. Mya says:

    I like this information given and it has given me some sort of inspiration to succeed for some reason, so thank you.

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