Do You Have Hemorrhoids and Rectal Discomfort? A Hemorrhoids Home Cure Can Bring Fast Relief

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By Renee Pullman

It can cost you years of suffering from hemorrhoids if you try treat them with the various hemorrhoid creams that are on the market. There are different products and they don’t all work for everyone and when they do it is not usually a permanent cure. These creams only address symptoms and not what your body is missing. As a result many people are trying home remedies, a hemorrhoids home cure.

One of the big advantages of hemorrhoids home cure is it is done in your home using inexpensive items that you probably already have. This kind of home cure can also have beneficial effects on the health of your entire body as part of the treatment means improving nutrition.

For the most part, hemorrhoids are caused by too much pressure on the anal wall and the blood vessels and veins that surround the anal-rectal area. This pressure causes the vessels to bubble up like balloons, to swell, and to rupture. This is a painful condition and if severe it can mean constant pain.

To get some quick relief sit in a warm (as warm as you can stand) shallow bath of saltwater or better yet a warm bath of Epsom Salts. The bath should be shallow so as not to dilute the cup or two of salts that you add. Sit with your knees up in such away as to open the anal area to the warm water. Be sure to lean back a little to avoid pressure on the area. When finished be sure the area is dry and apply some Witch Hazel (from any drug store) to help shrink the hemorrhoids.

Diet is the next part of the hemorrhoids home cure equation. The modern diet is striped of fiber and nutrients. Get fiber rich fruits and vegetables into your diet, get processed and convenience foods out. You need the fiber to keep your stools soft and avoid constipation. Hard stools where you have to strain and constipation put a lot of pressure on the area and intensify the problem.

If you are overweight this also causes hemorrhoids because of the extra pressure. This kind of fiber rich diet can take your weight down without the need to starve yourself. Add bran, bananas, apples, papaya, and many other fruits and vegetables that have high fiber and that taste good.

A hemorrhoids home cure is one of the best things you can do for yourself. The fiber rich diet will do wonders for your health and for the health of those who share your table and you will get rid of your hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids Home Cure: Find alternative hemorrhoid cures all the way from Sitz Bath and Witch Hazel, to a fiber rich diet, to the onion and garlic cure, to the centuries old Chinese herbal treatments. Also learn how Holly Hayden cured her hemorrhoids with natural means and now has helped thousands with her information.

I’m Renee Pullman and I invite you to visit to find out more.

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