Future Visions, Thoughts Are Things

By Michael Griffin

How is your future vision? How well can you see the things that are to happen in your life? Does that sound like a crazy idea?

Napoleon Hill, who was perhaps the greatest success writer of the 20Th century had this to say:

Thoughts are things.

Wayne Dyer, who wrote many success books, put it this way:

You will see it when you believe it.

Wallace Wattles, who wrote “The Science of Getting Rich,” the book behind the movie “The Secret” put it like this:

By thought, the thing you want is brought to you; by action you receive it.

When the mind is open and expecting a thing held in vision it finds new connections and notices things and ideas related to the thing. If you allow your mind to put these ideas and observations together, it will begin to suggest things for you to do. Things that may or may not seem related to the vision. But these things, when integrated this way, will begin to form and bring to you the object of your future vision.

If you want anything — you must first think it. How can we think of the good things we want if our mind is polluted with all the negativity around. Are you a news junkie? Most of what is in the news and on the news channels is what other people want you to think about something that has happened. You don’t need that to overshadow your life. You need to form clear ideas and visions without the interpretation of others. When you create a future vision you must care for it and nurture it while you are bringing it about by holding the vision.

Some have described how this process works using quantum physics. Others relate it to an intelligence in the universe: that the universe contains a thinking substance that produces in kind after the pure thought held in it. Wallace Wattles, quoted above, is one of those who put forth this theory. I don’t think these two theories exclude each other so just take the one that is easiest on your head and begin to play with future vision.

Hold the vision of what you want in your mind with as pure a thought as you can. Practice this morning and night and write the ideas that spin off, write down the plans that come to mind — then act on these things.

Your vision creates the result, your actions bring it into your hands. This is what Wattles is saying.

Whether you have read “The Science of Getting Rich” or not you’ll want to experience it in a new way. You’ll want to experience it as delivered and interpeted by Bob Proctor with some help from Michael Beckwith and Jack Canfield. You will learn to use The Science of Getting Rich as your own secret weapon and as your key to success and creation.

I’m Mike Griffin, and I invite you to learn about these success secret weapons by visiting: http://therealmikegriffin.com/sgrp/

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Michael_Griffin


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