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Sample of sales email that Local Money Sites member used to get sales.

Subject: New lead generating resource for local locksmiths
Dear local business owner;
With the massive growth in smart phones and Google showing data on the growth of how many local consumers use their phones to find local businesses is your website mobile ready?
How does your website look on a Mobile device?
(insert pic of new mobile site here) 

How would you like it TODAY?This site is for sale and up for grabs by the 1st local company to purchase the site.

(link to paypal) This is a full mobile ready website designed to show up great on mobile phones and in mobile search. With your purchase the content will be changed over to your information and you will be ready within 48 hours of purchase.  This site is being sold for only $399 as is (with swapping content to your company’s info), with a guarantee that our company will not build another site in your industry within X miles of your location.

Hurry and reserve this unique, (lead or sales) generating mobile ready website now before one of your competitors buys it. Remember first come first serve. (paypal Link)This email is being sent to 10 locksmiths (or ALL locksmiths) in your area and the 1st company to purchase it will get the ONLY site available in the X Area.

I expect this mobile lead generating website to be sold within 24hours so if you want the ONLY site of its kind in this area don’t hesitate, hurry and buy it now before one of your competitors buys it.

(paypal Link)If you have any questions please feel free to respond to this email.  Thank you,

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